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Is MPLS VPN secure?

Absolutely. MPLS VPN operates on our secure, national private IP backbone. Our MPLS VPN service is just as secure as Frame Relay, ATM, or any other cell-based network in the market today.

What’s the difference between Frame Relay and MPLS VPN?

Both Frame Relay and MPLS are considered “VPN” services. With MPLS VPN, the customer subscribes to a desired port speed over private IP backbone without worrying about network congestion. In addition, MPLS is always configured as fully meshed, whereas Frame Relay is usually configured as a hub and spoke.

Fully meshing a Frame Relay network is usually cost prohibitive. In a Frame Relay network, customers need to carefully plan their network design, because Frame Relay may be restricted to partial port speeds due to network congestion.

Do I have to change out my existing Frame Relay (CPE)?

In many cases with MPLS VPN the existing equipment used for Frame Relay can be used without incurring the cost of a major upgrade.

What bandwidth speeds are available with MPLS VPN service?

Standard MPLS VPN service is delivered via a dedicated circuit, i.e. T-1(1.544Mb). Increments start at 128K and increase as follows: 256K, 384K, 512K, 768K, 1Mb, and 1.5Mb. Higher speeds such as NxT-1, 45Mb or OC-N are also available depending on facility availability.

What additional features will MPLS VPN deliver?

MPLS VPN allows customers to customize the prioritization of their voice, video, and data applications. This ability to arrange their business priorities is achieved, because of the QoS feature in MPLS VPN.

Do I have to give up control of my routers?

Yes. Many of our customers have found this to be beneficial to their organization, because network is managed and monitored 24x7 by our NOC. This vigilance, combined with our data technicians’ expertise, gives IT managers the confidence their network is being managed as competently, and at less cost,than if they managed it themselves.

How is MPLS priced?

MPLS VPN service pricing is based on the port size or “bandwidth.”

What about the Internet’s availability and reliability?

Because MPLS VPN travels private IP network, none of your traffic is subject to the potential delays and failures associated with the public Internet.

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